Gilbert Healton Resume Center: Recruiter Entrance

  BEWARE: Gilbert at work!

Thank you so much for coming in the right way for recruiters.


To avoid embarrassing conflicts between you and others, Gilbert carefully tracks all submissions of his resume. While Gilbert wants recruiters to look at his resume, and share it with others within their own companies, and even without for some trusted fellow workers, the information on Gilbert's resume pages cannot be given to potential employers without Gilbert's prior approval.

Gilbert is sorry the market forces make it necessary for him to say this to all to get the few, but it is necessary to avoid problems for all involved.

Popular Ways Recruiters Waste Their Time

Positions that widely miss what Gilbert does or wants will get deleted without replies. If you can't read his resume, he is not going to read your email.
  • No proposing positions that require Gilbert to move or have horrid commutes. Gilbert is located in central New Jersey. For a rough guide, draw a circle touching Trenton on the West and the shore on the East.
  • Sending email to Gilbert that lists neither technologies or job positions.
  • Sending jobs to Gilbert that don't match his skills or desires.
    • He is not an Enterprise systems administrator, though he does smaller scale administration, sometimes heavy, but not at the large scale enterprise level.
    • He is not a deep Microsoft Windows developer, .net developer, nor administrator. Generic Perl and C development, yes.
    • He has not been a professional technical writer. There are some possibilities here, but a good editor is required.

Recruiter Requirements

As a senior Information Technology worker, Gilbert is seeking notably experienced recruiters to help him obtain a senior position. Recruiters should meet the following requirements:

  • Has at least four years of experience in United States IT recruiting or has exclusive access to unpublished serious positions within a company.
  • Has someone in your company who regularly works with the hiring managers. If not you then you know know well who does.
  • Is physically within the United States, and under United States law.
  • Someone who, when working with client companies, can present Gilbert in a professional manner.

Get The Right Resume

Please be aware that this site has a number of resumes on it, from a short, two-page, resume, to very long, mind numbing, resumes showing almost everything Gilbert can remember over his entire history. Get the resume that meets your needs. Ask if you need more details.


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