Beware, Gilbert at work


This web site was set up to help recruiters match or reject jobs for Gilbert Healton. Let Gilbert know you saw his web page when you contact him as he greatly prefers recruiters who actually care about quality of matches.

While Gilbert has tentatively started a job with a company please keep emailing contacts for good positions in case the job falls through.

Use The Following Chart to get phone number

Recruiter Quick Start

Right now looking for remote positions, or maybe a few limited local areas for hybrid positions (see flowchart). Until COVID-19 goes down to my satisfaction the "commute" options herein are what I might return to.

Begin at (Start) and go until you reach an oval at the bottom. Diamonds are yes/no choices, wide diamonds make other choices, rectangles show useful information, and small circles are "pass through" connectors.

Quick test flow chart

Coronavirus COVID-19 Alert

Even before COVID-19 hit Gilbert was moving to remote jobs with, perhaps, occasional office visits. Now that the heavy remote of COVID is winding down it would take something major for Gilbert to return to the world of daily commuting. Especially "super commuting". Hybrid commuting is possible.

See Gilbert's Vulcan Salute greeting for these contactless COVID-19 times at Gilbert's Github account .

Contact Information

For job hunts contact Gilbert at:

Lives in: Central New Jersey, 07728.
NOTE: To fight spam this email address is changed from time to time so revisit this page from time to time to get the current working email address.
Also see Email Subject Lines below.

Email Subject Lines

To raise your email to the top of Gilbert's priority list, please put "Human-R" in the subject lines of cold emails to Gilbert or mention that you passed the flowchart.

Gilbert Highlights

In addition to technical skills, experiences include working with diverse people across corporate structure as well as customers, including international customers.

Core Strengths: Highlights of Gilbert's skills follows:

Though Gilbert has System and Network Administration skills, and has developed in Microsoft Windows environments, he is neither a deep enterprise level Administrator nor a .net developer.

Relocation Limits

Remote jobs are preferred to the point commuting jobs are much less attractive, though some are possible.

Talk to Gilbert about potential places he might move to. Hybrid jobs will be much more attractive then 100% in-office positions. This will be a few hours drive of Trenton NJ (nearest big city). He does not want to live in a metro area with intense traffic nor commute in such traffic.

Gilbert is open to relocation for permanent positions that take him a bit into Pennsylvania or down into northern Delaware, depending on position. Say a few hours drive from Levittown PA, which includes anywhere in or about Philadelphia, including about 30 minute drive from PA into New Jersey.

Get The Right Resume

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All resumes are available in Adobe PDF format while others are available in either Microsoft Word .docx files, LibreOffice (free open source) .odt format, or .text plain text format (e.g., Notepad).