Gilbert Healton's Resume Center

Web site personally made by Gilbert to help hiring manager and recruiters quickly determine matches or no-matches. Beliving traditional job boards have little immagination for candidates presenting themselves Gilbert throught out of the box and wrote this site.

After many years in various positions, Gilbert is open to many different job types.

Look within to get the type and size of resume you need.

Contingency recruiting firms filling permanent positions should enter here for the best experience.


Contingency recruiters with W2 and 1099 consulting jobs should enter here for the best experience.


Hiring employers, retained recruiters, or companies directly hiring consultants, enter here for the best experience.


Beware, Gilbert at work

Starting A New Position

UNIX, Linux, SunOs, with some Windows development using perl, scripting, Apache 2, SQL, C, and more.

Not just a geek, but likes to write documentation and work with people.

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