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This web site was set up to help recruiters match, or not match, jobs for Gilbert Healton. Let Gilbert know you saw his web page when you contact him as he greatly prefers recruiters that actually care about quality of matches.

While open to different locations, the main geographical focus is the technology areas in and around central New Jersey as well as Trenton NJ and Philadelphia PA.

Contact Information

For job hunts contact Gilbert at:

Lives: New Jersey, 07728.
NOTE: To combat spam, this email is changed from time to time. Please revisit this page periodically to be certain you have the current working email address. Also see the next section titled Email Subject Lines.

Email Subject Lines

To raise your email to the top of Gilbert's priority list, please put "Human-R" in subject lines of cold emails to Gilbert.

Short Summary

In addition to technical skills, experiences include working with diverse people across corporate structure as well as customers, including international customers.

Core Strengths: Highlights of Gilbert's skills follows:

Though Gilbert has System and Network Administration skills, and has developed in Microsoft Windows environments, he is neither a deep enterprise level Administrator nor a .net developer.

Relocation Limits

Typical contract jobs must be within commuting range of Gilbert's current location. Remote jobs are of high interest.

Gilbert is much more open to relocation for permanent positions that take him a bit into Pennsylvania or down into northern Delaware. Say a few hours drive from Levittown PA, which includes anywhere in or about Philadelphia, including about 30 minute drive from PA into New Jersey.

Get The Right Resume

Please download one of the following resumes. You may select from Adobe PDF or Microsoft Word format.
Perl_C PDF Perl_C WORD Perl and C (1 page)  pdf 
Short PDF Short WORD Short resume (2 pages)  pdf 
3-page PDF 3-page WORD Mid-length (3 pages)  pdf 
Core PDF Core WORD Core talents resume (4 pages)  pdf 
Full PDF Full WORD Longer, more detailed, resume (14 pages)  pdf 
Contact Gilbert for custom resumes targeting specific jobs.

Also See LinkedIn

Find Gilbert on LinkedIn. While connection and job notices are reviewed, Gilbert defends his contacts by only linking up with recruiters he has good experiences with.

Also See StackOverflow

As of Feburary 2019-Feb,Gilbert is rated by Stack Overflow as a "top 14% overall" poster, despite not spending much time there.


The GilbertsHub "organization" on GitHub consolidates assorted repositories Gilbert has personally developed and made available under various open source licenses across a number of years. As not all of the code is new and wonderful you can see the good, the bad, and the ugly. But it all still works enough to keep around for future use.

About This Website...

This website was created, and is maintained by, Gilbert using his skills in HTML, PHP, JavaScript, and other technologies. This site was designed to be simple, reliable, and low maintenance.

Any ideas on improving this site to make it better on your future visits will be appreciated!

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